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Workers Compensation Insurance in Cleburne, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, TX

Securing Texas Businesses and Employees with Workers Comp Coverage

It’s a resounding fact that accidents happen. This is especially true for businesses. Regardless of the size and scope of the operation, incidents resulting in injury or death can transpire. Although this isn’t a discussion topic business owners welcome, it’s a necessity to ensure protection for all parties involved.

At Marshall Young Insurance Agency LLC, we specialize in offering comprehensive workers compensation insurance for Texas businesses. If on-the-job injuries occur, this coverage secures the cost of medical care, rehabilitation, and lost wages for workers, as well as death benefits for dependents. It also protects businesses from the financial burden of lawsuits issued by injured workers or their families.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage Details

The practice of securing workers comp protection varies depending on the state in which business is conducted. Texas is especially unique, as private employers afford the choice of whether or not to provide workers comp for their employees. Businesses that opt out are susceptible to the debilitating costs of lawsuits. We advise against exposing your business to this risk.

When an incident occurs for an insured business, workers compensation insurance at its core will:

  • Pay for an employee’s medical treatment
  • Replace lost wages if an injury requires time off work
  • Secure the insured business and its assets

Aside from injuries sustained within the workplace, workers comp insurance provides protection wherever employees are serving in the “course and scope” of their job. One of the leading causes of workers comp claims are traffic accidents that happen when employees are on the clock. Events spanning from natural disasters, violence within the workplace, and occupational illnesses are also covered.

It is important to note, for small and medium-sized businesses workers comp insurance is not included in a typical business owners policy (BOP). Instead, it’s a standalone investment.

If you’re interested in adding workers comp to your current coverage, or are prepared to begin a new policy, feel free to request a quote.

Agents Working for Your Business and Employees

Securing workers comp insurance may seem like a daunting, complex process. However, agents at Marshall Young Insurance Agency are available to guide clients to a fitting resolution.

Our service doesn’t conclude once a policy is in place. Instead, we continue to educate clients on developments in workers comp requirements and monitor policies to keep rates competitive. Agents work with you to keep premiums at a minimum, offering advice on accident prevention and helping employers take advantage of savings available within the state.

Every workers comp policy we write is backed by coverage courtesy of an established, trusted carrier. Agents first determine the appropriate, cost effective coverage for your business. Only then will they shop for coverage from these carriers on your behalf.

Clients are encouraged to ask questions to ensure a full understanding of their policy’s capacity. This same opportunity is extended to potential clients. Contact our agency to learn more about the insurance services we offer, including workers comp insurance.

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