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Marshall Young Insurance is proud to be one of the few agencies in Texas that offers a National Multi-Family Habitational, Hotel & Motel Program.  We have offer a program for both coastal and non coastal  Apartments, Condominiums & Townhomes, Community Associations, Timeshares, Duplexes, Multiplexes, Student, Elderly, Military Housing, Hotels, Motels.

There are no age restrictions for the buildings and all types of construction are allowed.  It is highly competitive with older frame, garden style apartments, beachfront and barrier island condos and condominium associations.

Primary Coverage Highlights:

  1. No Master policy.  All policies are written on individual policies in compliance with most lenders.
  2. Each Property is insured for Full Dedicated BLANKET limits up to maximum total insured value (TIV), per location.  No sharing of limits.
    (Up to $50,000,000 per location Tier 2 and Inland, $30,000,000 per location in Tier 1)
  3. Wind Driven Rain
  4. Per building Named Storm deductibles available
  5. No Coinsurance
  6. Full Replacement Cost (Actual Cash Value (ACV) on roofs 15 years and older)
  7. Ordinance & Law automatically included within the limit (100% for A, 10% for B & C) – Higher sub-limits available
    TRIA and Equipment Breakdown are automatically included in the coverage form.
  8. If the insured has above stovetop fire suppression devices installed in any of the units and there is a stovetop fire…….should the unit deploy, but fire damage ensues, there is NO deductible for Fire.
  9. Full TIV Limits for Non Critical Flood and Earthquake are available pending acceptable review.
  10. “All In” Condo Endorsement wording available
  11. Backup of Sewers and Drains sublimit available
  12. All policies written on Annual basis
  13. Large multistate schedules Ok! – No TIV cap

Every risk may not qualify for the above program(s), coverage(s) or feature(s). This information is provided as an overview of the program and should not be construed as underwriting guideline, contractual term, or an offer of coverage. All risks are subject to underwriting approval.

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