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Protecting Travelers and Adventurers in Cleburne and Burleson, TX

Owning and operating a motorhome is often a joy; it allows you to see faraway places and travel freely. It comes with risks however, and these risks can translate into damages that result in significant financial losses. These losses can be devastating, so considering some form of protection is necessary for any motorhome owner. Motorhome insurance provides this protection and at the Marshall Young Insurance Agency we provide this insurance. We have a motorhome insurance program that is extensive and adaptable and we tailor this program to fit the needs of individual clients. This way, clients and their vehicles stay fully protected for the right prices.

Coverages tailored to your Motorhome and Needs

Motorhome coverages are often broad and are well-known to motorhome owners. These coverages are often the only ones selected for insurance plans because they are well-known. As a result, other, more specific coverages are overlooked and consequently, some motorhome owners are not completely protected. These specific coverages include high-value item coverage, special equipment coverage, and extended liability coverage. At Marshall Young Insurance we include these and other coverages that less-known in every policy we write, as long as including these coverages is appropriate. This way, clients stay fully protected.

Our coverage options come from different top-rated insurance carriers, and our partnerships with these carriers are things of which we’re proud. The coverages that these carriers provide are diverse and broad and the coverages enable our clients to customize their insurance plans. Customization is an important part of adding value to a plan.

Our coverage options include:

Standard coverages

  • Collision Coverage – for loss or damage to your recreational vehicle resulting from an accident
  • Comprehensive Coverage – as extra coverage against losses from fire, theft, or vandalism
  • Bodily Injury Liability – to pay medical expenses to others after an accident
  • Property Damage Liability – for damage caused by you to another person’s property

Extra Coverages

  • Medical Payments
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Towing and Labor
  • Custom equipment
  • Total loss replacement
  • Campsite/vacation liability
  • Special windshield deductible
  • Emergency Vacation Expense coverage
  • Trailer coverage
  • Personal effects coverage: Coverage for the full cost of personal items that get damaged in and around, or stolen, from the RV
  • Full timer’s coverage: coverage if you live in your RV full-time

Texas requires each motorhome owner to have insurance for minimal damages and injuries. The limits of this insurance are low and offer little protection against financially-penalizing damages. We recommend to all of our clients that their motorhome insurance limits far exceed those of state standards. This is important if clients are to be fully protected.

Motorhome owners often know their vehicles well and as a result have a good sense of their risks. There are things that these owners miss however, and for this and other reasons it’s important for these owners to speak with a professional insurance agent. He or she can help an owner make the right decisions about coverages and assemble an optimal plan. This plan will provide necessary protection for the right price.

In addition, a professional agent can help an owner identify and take advantage of benefits and discounts that help save money. These benefits and discounts include:

  • Association memberships
  • Completion of a driver safety course
  • Insuring multiple vehicles
  • Combining your Motorhome Insurance with other policies from Marshall Young Insurance

Working with Marshall Young Insurance

Motorhomes have many more parts and special elements than most vehicles on the road. Finding coverage for motorhomes is therefore a little more complicated than finding insurance for cars. This doesn’t mean that finding motorhome insurance is difficult, however. At Marshall Young we’ve insured motorhomes and their owners for decades and we make finding and purchasing the right insurance quick and easy.

We know the demands of motorhome owners in Central Texas and we know market in this area. This enables us to create the best solutions in ways that captive agents and competing independent agents cannot match. In addition to providing first-rate products we help clients manage risk and claims. This means that we help clients identify best practices, which reduce exposures and diminish the likelihood that exposures translate into damages. It also means that we advocate for clients and help them achieve satisfactory resolutions if and when claims are filed.

To learn more or to speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call. You can also request a quote start finding our some of the details of a policy.

The Marshall Young Insurance Agency is proud to provide motorhome insurance in Cleburne, Burleson, Granbury, Ft. Worth, Mansfield, and Dallas, TX. We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Oklahoma, New Mexico, and other states as well.

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