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Protect Your Property From Costly Water Damage

Unless you live near a creek, river, or lake, you probably haven’t considered purchasing flood insurance for your home or business.  Sometimes it just rains it Texas for days or we have a hurricane come in and sit like Harvey did in 2017 causing historic rain.  Many people are finding out the hard way that they should have had flood insurance.

It happens more often than you think. If your home or business is located in what is called a “100-year floodplain,” for instance, you have a one in four chance of flood during the life of a 30 year mortgage.  That is great odds than having damage from a fire!  So why leave yourself open to the risk of a flood with no insurance?

Some common misconceptions about floods and flood insurance cause people to make decisions that could dramatically change their lifestyle if a flood was to hit their house or business.

  1.  I am protected by my property insurance.  Normal homeowners and business owner’s insurance policies exclude flooding.
  2. Fire is my number one fear and I don’t think my property will ever flood.  That thought process is understandable but the number one cause of natural disasters in the USA is flooding!
  3. A little water couldn’t result in that much damage.  Think again and see the below chart!

It doesn’t take a foot of water to ruin property and goods.  Consider a 1,000-square foot house and the damage that could result from one inch of water:

  • Cleaning $850
  • Doors, Base Trim & Windows $450
  • Electrical & Plumbing $150
  • Finished Floor-Wood-Carpet $7,900
  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinets $50
  • Appliances $70
  • Repairs to A/C & Heat $150
  • Bedroom Furniture $150
  • Dining Room Table & Chairs $100
  • Kitchenware & Food $50
  • Living Room Furniture $250
  • Computer Accessories $40
  • Washer/Dryer $70
  • Accent Furniture & Accessories $70
  • Loss of Personal Items $250

Total Losses $10,600

So think about your property?  See how quickly items add up!  Why leave yourself vulnerable to a flood destroying everything you have worked hard for?  Call Marshall Young Insurance today and let us talk to you about flood insurance.

We offer both Private Flood Insurance and flood insurance offered and back by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEEMA), which administers the government’s flood insurance program.

Don’t wait until the weatherman is forecasting a storm as most flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period after the purchase of the policy for it to take effect.

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