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Understanding the different types of coverages for an auto shop can be challenging because you want to make sure everything is covered without spending all your profit.

To properly insure your shop from potential liabilities such as accidents, injuries, and property damage claims it’s best to have a dedicated insurance agent you trust to guide you. For starters, every shop should have general liability. General liability covers anything from having a customer who slips and falls in your shop to a customer who is dissatisfied with your work and tries to sue you. This type of
insurance is very common in every line of business.

Next, your property should be adequately insured. Property coverage provides coverage for perils such as theft, fire, and windstorm. Property coverage can include your building, if owned, and your business personal property.  While owning a body shop it is very common to have vehicles that stay overnight, possibly even for days or weeks at a time. Garagekeepers insurance comes into play here.

Garagekeepers coverage protects the vehicles kept at your shop while parked, stored, and while being worked on. Garage liability covers you in the instance you or your employees drive a customer’s vehicle. This protects you from Bodily injury and property damage claims. It also covers faulty repairs, work, or parts.

Crime coverage can also be very beneficial. This would protect you from embezzlement, robbery, and stealing of parts.  As a business owner, you want to make sure that your customers’ needs are taken care of. That’s what we want to do for you! Come by and see us, and we can discuss that types of coverage would be the most beneficial for your business.


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